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KB Seed Solutions is located in Harrisburg, Oregon, in the heart of Linn County, known as the “Grass Seed Capital of the World”.

Wayne Kizer’s Great Grandfather and his Grandfather raised their first crop of annual ryegrass in the early 1930’s.  They purchased their first cleaner in 1940.  Since that time, Kizer & Son has grown to farming over 1,300 acres and custom processing of over 10 million pounds of grass seed per year.

Along with the seed processing plant, Wayne farms a variety of crops to include:  Royal Annual Ryegrass, Fescue, Orchardgrass, Wheat and Meadowfoam.

Wayne is President of the OMG, a Meadowfoam Growers cooperative for the last 10 years.  OMG specializes in the production, extraction and marketing of Meadowfoam Seed Oil to cosmetic companies world wide.

Wayne’s wife Tina is also active on the farm and has a green house where she grows and markets annual bedding plants.

Nick Bowers is a 4th generation farmer specializing in Grass, Clover and Meadowfoam seed production.  He graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in agriculture in 1983.

Nick, and his wife Donna, have been married 25 years and have 2 children.  Tyler is 22 and has graduated from college with a Mechanical Engineering degree.  Dana is 20 and will be Junior in college.  The whole family has had an active part in all aspects of the farm but especially during the critical harvest season.

Nick began his involvement with development of annual ryegrass as a cover crop in the early 1990’s while serving on the Oregon Ryegrass Commission.  Nick has extensive experience and knowledge in the use of annual ryegrass following corn and soybeans in the mid-west.

KB Seed Solutions does more than just provide you with seed.  We will bring leadership and knowledge to help integrate annual ryegrass into your operation to make you more successful and profitable.


KB Seed Solutions annual ryegrass cover crop Nick Bowers and Wayne Kizer

Nick Bowers & Wayne Kizer, owners of KB Seed


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