KB Seed Solutions Annual Ryegrass

KB Royal Annual Ryegrass
KB Supreme Annual Ryegrass

No-till and cover crops are a winning combination for improving your yield–especially in dry seasons–while boosting the health and nutrient value of your soil. KB Royal and KB Supreme Annual ryegrasses scavenge nitrogen and promote nutrient cycling, which translates to bigger harvests and better profits. During dry seasons, annual ryegrass can contribute to larger yields because its deep roots create channels that crop roots readily follow.


What KB Seed Annual Ryegrass can do for you:

• Improved winter hardiness

• Deep rooting; breaks up hard, compacted soil

• Improves soil health, organic matter and productivity

• Scavenges for available nitrogen, reducing the need for extra inputs

• May reduce soybean cyst nematode pressure (research ongoing)

• Qualifies for state and federal conservation incentives

• Excellent source of livestock forage

• Only seed source that is involved from production to delivery to your farm

``I overseeded August 28 with KB Royal and had more than 30`` of roots by December 15. I expect five to six feet of roots by April.`` —Cameron Mills, Indiana

KB Seed Solutions does more than provide you with seed. We will bring leadership to your operation and help answer your questions. We have worked with growers all across the country, and we look forward to working with you, too.

For more information about KB Seed annual ryegrass, visit our Fact SheetBenefits, and Tips.

KB Seed Solutions annual ryegrass roots
Above: Annual ryegrass roots can create channels of three to five feet, establishing deep pathways for your crop’s roots.